As an Andorran residence, if you are looking for high-quality cleaning services, then you are in luck. You can opt for the best cleaning agencies with a few clicks. Nova Neteja. It is true that finding out an efficient and reliable cleaning agency. Further, not most of the agencies can provide sustainable services which are eco-friendly and wastes less energy. With Nova Neteja, you do not have to fret about such issues. Hence, if you want to know more about the  servicios de limpieza profesional en Andorra  provided by the said organization, then you can go through the section down below –

Quality cleaning services provided by Nova Neteja –

Nova Neteja offers various cleaning services all over Andorra. However, there are four notable services offered by the same. The services are mentioned as follows – 

  1. General cleaning –

The first and one of the most opted service is general cleaning. It is mostly opted by house owners. This service includes mopping floors, dusting cobwebs, walls, thorough vacuum, etc. Further, this service also includes the dusting of tables, chairs, and other furniture. If you require to clean your bathrooms and kitchen, you can also ask for such services from the professionals at Nova Neteja.

  1. Deep cleaning –

A very thorough and efficient service offered by this agency is deep cleaning. This specific service is usually opted by houses for monthly cleaning or can be availed to clean home for a fortnight. A deep cleaning service can help one to get rid of excessive dirt. If you have pets running all over your house, it is better to opt for this service and maintain hygiene.

  1. Big surface cleaning –

If you are looking for  big surfaces cleaning services in Andorra,  especially for football grounds, parks, corporate offices, then your go-to agency can be Nova Neteja. The professional cleaners of this agency consider the kind of property that needs to be cleaned and then implement the most useful tools and techniques to meet your requirement.

  1. Clinic cleaning – 

The most crucial thing that should be kept in mind while cleaning clinics is maintaining international hygiene standards. Other than thoroughly cleaning the entire building, this agency also offers disinfection and sterilization of the facilities of the hospitals, laboratories, and clinics.


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