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Do you run a clinic in Andorra and want to keep it hygienic? Do you want to opt for the best deep cleaning services for your clinic? If yes, then your go-to service provider should be Nova Neteja. Nova Neteja comprises a group of professional cleaners who can help maintain an impeccable hygiene standard in your clinic. Not only just in clinics, but Nova Neteja offers high-quality deep cleaning services throughout Andorra. If you wish to know more about this specific service, then you should go through the section down below – 

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is something which is not done in anyone’s home regularly. However, it is done in the duration of once a month or every fortnight. On the other hand,  cleaning of clinics and laboratories in Andorra  hygiene standards are taken very seriously because such places are needed to be sanitary for both the professionals and the common people. In such services, every nook and corner are being cleaned minutely. Deep dirt and grime are being cleaned to provide a person with a healthy environment. 

What services are offered in a deep cleaning?

Some agencies offer  deep cleaning services in Andorra; However, if you are looking for quality service, then you should consult with Nova Neteja. Numerous services are being provided in the deep cleaning; if you want to avail it, then it is better to know about them beforehand. Following are the services included in deep cleaning by Nova Neteja – 

  1. Vacuum and wet mop floor
  2. Dust walls and remove cobwebs.
  3. Vacuum upholstered furniture
  4. Vacuum and wipe open surfaces, woodwork, moldings, window sills, radiators, and on top of wardrobes and cabinets.
  5. Empty trash bins
  6. Dust the lights of the entire building
  7. Dust ornaments, shelves and paintings, showpieces.
  8. The dusting of electrical outlets
  9. Vacuum on and under carpets 
  10. Dust electronics
  11. Clean mirrors

neteja andorraNova Neteja initiated its work with the mission of providing professional and sustainable cleaning services all over Andorra. Therefore, if you require environment-friendly and high-quality deep cleaning services in Andorra, you should consult with them.

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