What we do?

General cleaning

Cleaning of business and commercial environments:

The service ranges from cleaning all types of floors, including those carpeted, which will be swept, vacuumed and stained as the case may be. We also clean all tables, desks, counters, chairs and general furniture.

Nova neteja also provides cleaning for delicate areas that require stricter hygiene measures such as bathrooms and kitchens.

big surfaces

Sweeping and scrubbing of large surfaces:

There are large areas such as sports areas, parking lots, parks, industrial plants such as factories and workshops, as well as events in large spaces that require regular sweeping and scrubbing.

Depending on each case, our company determines what type of products and machinery are the most suitable for each type of surface, in addition to the amount of personnel that must be employed to achieve optimal results in quality and execution time.


Cleaning of clinics and laboratories:

At Nova neteja we have highly trained and trained personnel to comply with international hygiene standards in health areas, which include measures and equipment to disinfect and sterilize the facilities of clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

The hygiene of these places will not only have a positive impact on the quality of the service presented but also on the health and comfort of patients, families and medical personnel.

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